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Is the timber treated?

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Yes all of our timber is pressure treated and we expect to get a minimum of ten year life span out of the timbers, but like everything else the more you look after it the longer it lasts.           



Can we alter the front of our field shelter later on?

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Yes we do a large range of conversion kits to suit all sizes (inc gates metal & wooden).


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What about if we move house?

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no problem, we are one of the few company's in the UK that will dismantle the building and will deliver to any part of UK OR EUROPE


Do I need planning permission for a mobile field shelter ?

Answer >> in simply terms no you do not need planning permission for a Mobile Field shelter. They do not constitute any ground work and sit on their own base . Oaklands Equestrian Buildings Limited will not be held responsible for any decision that your Local Authority will make regarding planning permission for mobile buildings.


What does your 2 year guarantee cover?

Answer >> The guarantee gives you peace of mind, it covers the main structure of the building and skids, full price list has to be paid plus lining of the building has to be purchased. It does not cover general wear and tear, eg timber cladding, knots, shrinkage etc. Also it does not cover any general wear on roofing sheets


Will my shelter blow over ?

Answer >>
Your shelter is built onto a steel frame 100X60mm which not only ensures the strength of your shelter is maintained, but this also means that the weight of the shelter is low. Having the weight low down, ensures that your shelter stands up to strong winds and stability is maintained. We are aware that some locations are susceptible to extreme winds, therefore we have incorporated four places that you can stake and tie down your shelter.  It is the owners responsibility to secure mobile buildings Oaklands Equestrian Buildings Limited cannot be held responsible for damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

What about towing?

Answer >>
our field shelters are very easy to tow, you have towing points either end of the building so you can move either way in your field all you need is 2 heavy duty shackles and 2 strong towing ropes, this can be supplied if needed
Please note when towing on uneven ground please be extra careful.


For all non standard buildings that have been ordered and a deposit has been paid.  If for any reason the order is canceled the deposit is non refundable.



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